The Carton Dance Party

You know, most some days you don't feel like doing anything. But then on other days, you just have an uncontrollable, indescribable, unexpected desire...for a Dance Party

Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about it. I know you need it too sometimes.

So to help you quench that inexplicable foot-tapping, booty-shaking thirst, I'm bringing to you something spectacular: The Carlton Dance Party.

The Carlton Dance Party Gif

Dang, that brings back some Fresh Prince of Bel Air-style nostalgia, doesn't it? And doesn't Carlton know how to work that Michael Jackson 'Beat It' jacket?! A hee hee.

MJ Laugh Gif

But wait. There's more! I just happened to come across a video from last March of The Graham Norton Show. The video features Will Smith, his son, and none other than our man Carlton (aka Alfonso Rebeiro) doing The Carlton. It was pure Heaven, folks.

I know, I know. I'm easily amused. But if you were ever a fan of Alfonso, the Fresh Prince, or just The Carlton, you gotta see it for yourself.

Now wasn't that glorious?! Don'tcha just feel like dancing? But if not--if by some chance you're not a fan of The Carlton, or perhaps you'd rather just go back to what you were doing and pretend like you didn't see a thing...

Will Smith Flash

WTF Wednesday - Cake Fail

So what happens when a little girl requests a birthday cake from a local grocery store bakery, one that she wants to look like a doll in a dress?

Fail Volcano Cake

WTF, man?! You had one job. Now see what you've done.

Make it Stop

On the plus side, at least it gave me something for your WTF Wednesday post. :)