10 Mostly Realistic Resolutions for 2016

One of my favorite posts to write in the last couple of years was the one about my 10 Mostly Realistic Resolutions for 2014. But dang, that was like two years ago! Apparently I didn't have a burning desire to set any goals for 2015, or maybe I was just lazy. So difficult to say. I'm sure you're aghast either way. So I think I'll just remedy this by setting 10 Mostly Realistic Resolutions for 2016 right here, right now. Who's with me?!

While you're thinking up yours, I'll just get you started with mine. You know, since you're here and all.


I'm Ready Gif

1. Stop binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu. 

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You know what? That IS insane. Binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu is one of my favorite things to do. And since I can watch my shows commercial-free, it's even better. OK, yeah, so let's just modify this resolution to say, "Stop binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu...as much." Might as well aim low, to avoid disappointment.

And speaking of binge-watching TV shows...am I the only one who feels a cruel sense of isolation and abandonment when I finish binge-watching an entire series? I mean, I manage to hit all five stages of grief after a good show ends. The struggle is real.

Binge-watching It's Over Meme

2. Refrain from using the word, 'Dude' so much. But, dude. That's hard. For real. Someone needs to invent a new word that is just as fun to type in social media posts. Perhaps that should be one of my resolutions as well?!

3. Find word to replace, "Dude."  

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4. Drink less Starbucks Iced Espresso. I mean seriously, I'm a wee bit addicted to this stuff. I need to cut back a little. But really, there are worse things I could be addicted to, am I right? It's not like I drink 3 bottles of this a week or anything. Well, not every week. Mostly not. OK, OK, mostly I do! [Hangs head in shame.]

Addicted to Starbucks

5. Do NOT give up on The Vampire Diaries. I will admit it: I'm still in the TVD fangdom. I can't help it really. I found that show on Netflix in 2010 or 2011 and I was hooked from the first episode. And even though Season 6 was less than stellar vampire TV drama, and even though I have *almost* given up on it a time or two, it still beckons me every week to come back for more. Even without Elena. But my love for this show has absolutely, positively nothing at all to do with Ian Somerhalder, aka Damon Salvatore. Nothing. 

At all.

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6. Eat more breakfast for dinner. Because cooking is hard. And breakfast is just easier. And yummier. And because French Toast! I already got a jump on this resolution: we had French Toast for dinner tonight. How's that for being an overachiever?!

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7. Do NOT learn to Whip and Nae Nae.  Let's face it: I'm getting old. And I'm not exactly dancer material. So it's highly unlikely you'll ever see me either Whip, or Nae Nae for that matter. But I do like the sound of it. It's catchy, no? And I like to watch other people do it too. So even though I'll not be whipping anything but cream, or nae-nae-ing anything--except to object to something--at any point in the coming year, if YOU are so inclined, by all means, Whip. And Nae Nae.

Whip and Nae Nae Jimmy Fallon
(Image: FallonTonight)

8.  Develop the healthy glow of someone who goes to the gym. But with one important caveat. 

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9. Live every day like it's Taco Tuesday. I mean, who doesn't like Taco Tuesdays?

Taco Tuesday Meme

10. Keep on being weird. Because "normal" is overrated. And really, if you think about it, there is no "normal." We're all just different degrees of screwed up and weird. And that, my friends, is totally OK.

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So I will not only keep on being weird, I will revel in my weirdness. Weirdness rules. Rock the weird in you too! Especially if they pump up your jam.

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And with that you have my 10 Mostly Realistic Resolutions for 2016. Mostly do-able.
Fully and Tinaliciously me.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, peeps!