Tinalicious 411

Welcome to Tinalicious, my blog filled with my hopefully humorous views on everyday life in America, the booty-full.  Nothing in my life escapes the spotlight, or my self-proclaimed rapier wit here at the blog. From my childhood in the 70′s, to my teen years in the {glorious???} fad-filled 80′s, to my life as a wife, mother, and grandmother in the years since…it’s in here! And it’s peppered with observations from my only slightly unhealthy addiction to all things celebrity, entertainment, and pop culture.

I hope your visit here invites a few chuckles, and provides a break from the duldrums that might otherwise overwhelm your daily routine from time to time.  If you’re at work, surely your boss won’t mind if you drop what you’re doing so you can unwind a bit with my Tinalicious musings. The work’s not going anywhere, right? Just tell him (or her) that my blog helps you to re-energize, enabling you to be more focused and productive in your tasks. I’m sure he’ll not buy that, right?

Wherever you’re reading this from, I do hope you  will enjoy it. If the remnants of my life’s awkward moments and Tinaliciously twisted sense of humor can bring a smile to your face for even a moment or two, then my dubious dreams for humanity have been fully realized.

No, seriously.