18 Days

As I write this, there are officially only 18 days left until the premiere of Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Not that I've been counting down the days for over an entire year or anything. Not like I'm obsessed or something. Really, it's the opposite of not like that at all. But to help usher in the final days of waiting for the much anticipated Twilight wedding of Bella and Edward [not to mention the headboard-breaking vampire sex scene], I came across this cute little meme and thought I'd post it for the occasion. It was too perfect not to give it a place in Meme Mania.

Twilight Moms Meme

See you soon, Edward. Right there with about 8 billion other Twihards, both young and old(er).

Here's Johnny

Time to fess up to one of My Obsessions. You know, just one of the
toomany things I'm
abnormallyobsessed with in this humble little life of mine. And I'm not talking about any of the things I've already made abundantly clear to you here at Tinalicious.

I'm not talking about...

Robert Pattinson Twilight

Nor am I talking about...

Michael Jackson Yummy

Granted, I am obsessed with those men. Why wouldn't I be? Look. At. Them. If RPattz and Bad era MJ don't qualify as obsessive material, I don't know what (or who) does! But they're just not what (or who) I'm talking about right now.

No, you see, right now, I'm talking about Johnny. And not the Johnny I'm married to either (although I do have a healthy obsession with him too, I must say, even after 29 years with the guy). I'm talking about the one and only Johnny Depp. Just face it. He's yummy.

Johnny Depp Closeup

Don't you agree?!

Johnny Depp Profile

If those two delicious photos don't convince you, then I have one last little piece of proof positive that Johnny Depp is the very definition of the sexy-obsession-worth celebrity. Please pay close attention to his face.

Johnny Depp Reaction Gif

Dayum, Johnny. Just dayum.

So that's my latest obsession. And really, it could be worse. I mean, I could be obsessed with solving quadratic equations.

Now that would be weird.

Selective Focus

Yes, it's WTF Wednesday time again, my peeps. Time to test your powers of observation. So check out this meme for today.

Selective Focus Meme

Don't feel bad if you didn't pass the test. I didn't either.

We're only human, after all. But seriously...WTF is wrong with me?!

Butterliciously Paula Deen

OK, groupies, it's Meme Mania time. You know you love it. Don't pretend like you don't. And I aim to please. Blog bonus for you too, because today's macro (a.k.a. meme) is Paula Deen-related. Now I love me some Paula Deen, y'all. And I know you do too. So don't pretend like you don't. And if you love Paula, then there's no need for me to explain the butter connection to Paula, right? Everything is better with butter!

You just have to know how thrilled I was to be shopping in Wal Mart on Friday night, only to discover that Ms. Deen's delectable delights are now available in the bakery section. Score!! So if you, too, are looking for
the chance to clog your arteries and raise your cholesterolsome sweet after dinner treats, you can now look no further than your local Wally World bakery to get something straight from Paula's oven (almost). See for yourself.

Paula Deen Treats

And even though butter is  bad for you, sometimes you just gotta live on the edge. Take a walk on the pure fat and empty calories wild side. Live a little. Can butter really be that bad?! Just ask Paula.

Paula Deen Butter LOL

Sending you love and best dishes, from our kitchen to yours. Just the way you love it. So don't pretend you don't.

Random Obsessions That Don't Make Me Weird

OK, so I figured it's time to get you up-to-date with My Obsessions of late
whether you like it or not. Hopefully you don't think I'm weird. Or too weird. Or weirder than you thought I was the last time you read my blog. Or something.

Chuzzle: And no, it's not a drinking game. Dammit. Seriously though, the Chuzzle game on my iPhone is beyond addictive. It's really the simplest and stupidest game in the world, but surely that's part of its allure. But I guess what draws me too is just how cute the little Chuzzles are. Really. See for yourself.

Chuzzle Face

Isn't he adorable? And so are all his (or hers?) multi-colored-furry-looking-Koosh-ball-like little friends. It's quite the multicultural world in Chuzzle land--with Chuzzles in almost every color. And the goal of the game is simple: line up three or more Chuzzles of the same color in a row. I don't know why, but I am seriously obsessed with that game. I can play it for an hour and be surprised that more than five minutes have passed. And if you tap one of the Chuzzles repeatedly, it will like sneeze and blow off its own fur for a second. Too fun! I know, I'm easily amused. But really, who needs Angry Birds when you've got Chuzzle???!

Tumblr: Tumblr is just another kind of blog platform. I call it the blog for people who don't like to write, because really, you don't have to write to have a Tumblr blog. Most people post photos, memes, quotes, digital art, music, links, videos or just about any other kind of thing you can imagine.

Tumblr vs Facebook Meme

There are over 30 million blogs on Tumblr. It's really the perfect blog for lazy people. Not that I'm lazy. But I mean, if you want to blog but don't feel like putting a lot of effort into it, it's perfect. LOL That may be why there are so many teenagers on Tumblr. Do you have a teenage son or daughter? If so, ask if they're on Tumblr...because they probably are. Some of the best laughs of my day are found on Tumblr. So it's always worth a visit from me every day...and even Facebook doesn't get that from me. Tumblr is  truly one of my favorite obsessions.

Boogie Shoes, by KC & The Sunshine Band: Hadn't heard that song in years and then surfed into it in iTunes. Downloaded it. Can't stop listening to it. It's a blast from my Boogie Shoes past. I love it!
Now wasn't that fun? I think so. And that's the end of my random obsessions. See? I'm not so weird after all.

3 Memes for Your Monday

Got the Monday blahs? Feeling low? Need a little pick-me-up? Wishing I'd stop asking questions and just cut to the chase? Well alrighty then. I've collected a few random funny macros from the web recently, each of which made me...you know. L.O.L. So I added them to my ever-growing Meme Mania collection and shall post them now for your Monday viewing pleasure.

Surrounded by Assholes Meme

Clearly I am not as deeply and incessantly depressed as I initially thought. It makes much more sense that I am surrounded by assholes, don't you think? Yeah, that's got to be it.

Avoiding Work Meme

This macro doesn't fit me. At all. Like, ever. No way. I don't do that. I hardly ever visit Facebook when I'm supposed to be working. I am seldom surfing Tumblr when I should be doing laundry. And I'm almost never tweeting when I should be cooking dinner. No, seriously. I'm not.

Stop judging me.

Mushroom Meme

I don't get it. What does the mushroom look like? Let me think on this a bit. I'm feigning ignorance just for the heck of it. It's Monday, after all. My brain isn't even firing on all four cylinders yet.

I need coffee.

Always Be Batman

First post of October. Seems appropriate that I share some deep thoughts, brought to you by the caped crusader in the form of this meme.

Always Be Batman Meme

Sage advice from a man dressed as a flying rodent.

No, seriously.