Here's Johnny

Time to fess up to one of My Obsessions. You know, just one of the
toomany things I'm
abnormallyobsessed with in this humble little life of mine. And I'm not talking about any of the things I've already made abundantly clear to you here at Tinalicious.

I'm not talking about...

Robert Pattinson Twilight

Nor am I talking about...

Michael Jackson Yummy

Granted, I am obsessed with those men. Why wouldn't I be? Look. At. Them. If RPattz and Bad era MJ don't qualify as obsessive material, I don't know what (or who) does! But they're just not what (or who) I'm talking about right now.

No, you see, right now, I'm talking about Johnny. And not the Johnny I'm married to either (although I do have a healthy obsession with him too, I must say, even after 29 years with the guy). I'm talking about the one and only Johnny Depp. Just face it. He's yummy.

Johnny Depp Closeup

Don't you agree?!

Johnny Depp Profile

If those two delicious photos don't convince you, then I have one last little piece of proof positive that Johnny Depp is the very definition of the sexy-obsession-worth celebrity. Please pay close attention to his face.

Johnny Depp Reaction Gif

Dayum, Johnny. Just dayum.

So that's my latest obsession. And really, it could be worse. I mean, I could be obsessed with solving quadratic equations.

Now that would be weird.