10 Mostly Realistic Resolutions for 2014

Well, it's that time of year, folks. It's New Year's Eve eve. You know, the almost-dawn of a dandy new year that always seems to require us to make useless resolutions that will prompt new goals for the year ahead. I personally tend to avoid resolutions. I mean really, why do we need to resolve to do things just because a new year is starting? I'm perfectly capable to making easily breakable resolutions on any of the other 364 days of the year. But whatevs. 

In the spirit of feigned enthusiastic participation, I'm going to bite the blogging bullet and set some mostly realistic resolutions for myself for 2014. None of that "lose weight" or "get fit" or "quit cursing" nonsense either. After all, I'm nothing if not original. So get ready. Buckle yourself in. Ready???

Downton Abbey Suspense

1.   I'm no Adele, but dammit I'm gonna sing. I love music, and I love to sing. But when I do sing, I sing very quietly, because frankly, I don't sing all that well. Whether I'm in my car, or in my office, or doing some housework, I usually sing only loud enough for myself to hear. But that's about to change. Why should I worry about what anyone thinks of my voice? Who cares if it sucks?! YOLO, as my grandson would say. So brace yourself, world. Sing loud and proud--that's my new motto. Spread the word.

Simon Cowell Plugs Ears

2.  Conquer my fear of spiders. And Ian Somerhalder.  OK, maybe just the spiders.

I'm afraid of Ian Somerhalder

3.   I will stop procrastinating. Like, as soon as possible. Or tomorrow. Or when it's most convenient. Stop hounding me, OK?

Procrastination Meme

4. I'm gonna stop blaming the cat when I fart. I mean, that's just not cool, right? And sooner or later someone is going to realize that I don't even have a cat

Cat Fart Reaction Gif

5.  I will do less laundry. Just as soon as I figure out precisely how long I can wear the same clothes before they really start to stink. Or maybe I just need to stock up on Febreze. And shop more.

Laundry Meme

6.  And speaking of laundry, I will be much more proactive about shart marks. Because ew. Just ewww.

7.  I'll stop laughing so loudly every time I hear someone say the word, 'Pivot.' (This may be my biggest challenge of the year.)

Friends Pivot Reaction Gif

8.  I'm gonna write like Dr. Seuss once in awhile. After all...
     I really like his writing style
     it makes me laugh, it makes me smile
     and life is short, we're short on time
     so why not write with words that rhyme?

Dr Seuss Youer than You Meme
 (If the Seuss man says it, it must be true!)

9.  At least once, I will remove the empty toilet paper roll and instead of replacing it, I will just leave it empty so that "someone" else has to get up and get a new toilet paper roll for themselves. That ought to teach 'em.
Toilet Paper Meme
10.  I will watch more Vampire Diaries. Because I can. And because it's harmless and fun entertainment. And because life is too short to miss out on dancing hot vampires.

Damon Dancing Reaction Gif

There now: 10 mostly realistic resolutions for 2014. I feel quite confident I can attain all of them too. Just keeping it real, don'tcha know. ;)

Happy New Year from me, Tina, at Tinalicious!