Michael Jackson Gold Pants

This is the story of Michael Jackson's Gold Pants. If you're a Michael Jackson fan, the Gold Pants need no explanation, but for those of you that are necessarily a "fan," here's the scoop on an essential part of Michael Jackson's lasting legacy.

During MJ's History era, one of his standard costumes while on stage included a gold outfit, which included a helmet, a gold shirt, and some quite spectacular shiny Gold Pants. He'd appear on stage covered head to toe in gold--almost like a living statue, and it was quite the visual extravaganza.

As the music started, MJ would remove his helmet--revealing his requisite curls (who doesn't love MJ with curls?!), and then he'd get down to his  magical, musical business, singing, dancing, and making girls faint right and left, as only Michael could.

Michael Jackson Gold Pants Butt

Michael Jackson Gold Pants

But Michael wasn't the only star of his shows. No, no. He shared the spotlight with those fabulously shiny Gold Pants. Now let it be said that I am not, in general, a fan of shiny gold pants. Truth be told, the average Joe could really never get away with wearing shiny gold pants. On anyone else, frankly, they'd just look silly.  Case in point:

Gold Pants Nerd

Clearly, that photo needs no explanation. It is what it is. (A guy trying--but failing miserably-- to look cool in shiny gold pants).  See what I mean?  It just doesn't work.

But Michael and his shiny Gold Pants are an all together different story. That man could wear shiny Gold Pants. No, scratch that. He ROCKED the shiny Gold Pants. And he is the standard by which all shiny Gold Pants-wearers should be measured.

And what has been the impact of MJ and his shiny Gold Pants? There are fans all over the world obsessed with Michael in his Gold Pants. There are online communities devoted to them. Do a Google image search for "Michael Jackson Gold Pants" and you will get over 760,000 results. Seriously.

As I said, if you're a fan, you know. You understand. And you appreciate the magic, the mystery,  and the wonder that is the Gold Pants.

Michael Jackson Gold Pants Hot

And if you're not a fan, at least now you'll know why the shiny Gold Pants are a indeed a part of Michael's legacy. And when hear "Gold Pants" in the future, or see some reference to them online, you'll get it.

Can I get a Hee-Hee...and an Owwww! (MJ style, of course).