Ham and Cheese Casserole

According to my calendar, the first day of Spring was back in March. However, this is Ohio; and in Ohio, Mother Nature does as she pleases. One day it feels like Winter, one day it feels like Spring--and sometimes it feels like both in the same day! 

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Since it's felt less than Spring-like for several days, I decided that some comfort food was in order. Something warm to warm my bones, as they say. Awhile back I came up with a recipe that did just that, so I thought it was the perfect dish to make this rather cold-ish week. Behold: I give you...Ham and Cheese Casserole!

Ham and Cheese Casserole - Tinalicious

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Wow is right! What could be better than ham and cheese? Who doesn't love cheese--except my grandson. What can I say? He is a hater of cheese. [But I totes love him anyway.] This casserole has 6 ingredients--6!--and it's super easy to make. You're not going to believe how easy it is to make. I mean seriously...easy...to...make.

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But of course...here's what you do. First, get your six ingredients at the store. Don't forget your mask. And the appropriate six-foot distance between you and your fellow shoppers. 

  • 2 Cups of Diced Ham (Mine was pre-packaged to save time.)
  • 1 Package of Frozen Diced Potatoes, 32 oz.
  • 1 Can Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Soup, 10.5 oz.
  • 1 Can Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup, 10.5 oz.
  • 1 Package Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese, 2 Cups/8oz.
  • Garlic Salt, to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 375° (oven temps may vary, yours may work at 350°).
  2. Grease a 9x13" casserole dish.
  3. Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Stir well.
  4. Pour into casserole dish and bake for 45 minutes.

Cela pourrait-il être plus facile?
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Sorry. My bad. In French that means, 'could that be any easier?' I am one of those cooks that prefers things to be as easy as possible, and that's one of the reasons I love casseroles. Mix stuff up and throw it in the oven, and then it's done, like magic.

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The only thing left to do after that is sit back and enjoy, while of course sitting 6 feet away from each of your family members. What more could you possibly wish for during a pandemic?

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Anyhoots, that is my easy-peasy Ham and Cheese Casserole for this Tasty Tuesday. Hope you'll give it a try, and share this recipe if you do. Until then, stay safe, stay well, and stay as happy as you can in these trying times.

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