Best of Tinalicious

While I'm sure you would agree that all of my posts are Tinaliciously fabulous, I do have some favorites that I think are particularly worth a read. [Note to publishers: please feel free to call me with your offers for publication of  Tinalicious: The Book, sure to become a favorite of Oprah's, and a New York Times best seller. Just sayin. ] So here they are, in no particular order.

Date Night at the Asian Buffet

Adventures in Shopping with Goobs

The Flies of March

The Germ Factory

5 Lessons From an Insomniac

7 Questions for Olive Garden

The Pacer

The Coffee Pot Curse

Wanna Screw?

When Murphy's Law Goes on Vacation with You

Whoever Smelt It

Can You Hear Me Now, From Aisle 5?

Typos, Price Tags, and Elephants, Oh My!

Glue Tubes Suck

Barnes and Noble Blackout

The Fish n Chips Incident

Grocery Store Goob