2 Things on Tuesday

As a teacher, sometimes there are Things That Happen at School that can kinda set the tone for the entire day. Today was definitely one of those days. It was actually a day where a couple things happened that made it feel more like a Monday instead of a Tuesday--because Mondays are usually the days when things just don't go right. That can't be true just for teachers, right?

Anyhoots, here's how my day began...with a little help from Baby Yoda to say it in pictures.

I was with my first class of the day in the computer lab, since I teach Technology on Tuesdays. My 2nd graders had gotten to work and I was walking around the room as I usually do, to make sure kids are on task and being close by in case they need help. I'd passed one particular student, we'll call him Charles, and he was working. But as I passed again about five minutes later and stopped to check on him, I noticed something come out of his mouth. At first glance, I thought it was simply spit. What can I say? It's elementary school. Spit happens. But as I turned to look more closely, it was not spit. No, it was a puddle...of vomit.

My Face When a Student - Tinalicious

Don't Be an A-Hole

It's been awhile since I've written a Friday Flip Offs post. I like to save them until I have something happen that made me legit want to flip someone off. I think sincerity is important even when flipping someone off. Virtually or otherwise. Well this week, a couple of things happened that definitely warrant a virtual flip off, so here we are. 

I'll preface this by saying that I realize driving can be a pain. We all have lives we're trying to get to [or away from, as the case may be] or things we're just trying to get done. I get that. But the one thing I abso-freaking-lutely do not get is why some drivers have to be a-holes.

Case in point...

On Wednesday, I had just left the Wally World parking lot, turning right onto the main street in our town and heading south. It was going to be dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant for the Hubs & Me, so we were on our way to meet there. I got into the left turn lane and there was an SUV in front of me. I patiently waited the customary annoying length of time for the light to change so that I could turn onto the road that leads to the restaurant. Then we get the green arrow. But the SUV doesn't move. It sits there immobile for what seems an eternity before finally changing from his left turn signal to his right. Ummm...

Excuse Me - Tinalicous

Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Time for another Tasty Tuesday here at Tinalicious. And it may give you a sense of dejavu in the process. Because...way back in 2013, I shared a recipe with you for The Best Broccoli Cheese Soup Ever. And the recipe I'm sharing with you today is also for Broccoli Cheese Soup. But this time it's easier and it really is my new all time favorite! So, it may in fact be THE Best Broccoli Cheese Soup. Like EVER! You'll have to judge for yourself.

Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup - Tinalicious

10 Mostly Realistic Resolutions for 2020

It's a New Year, people. And what's more, it's also a new decade. If that doesn't demand a list of mostly realistic resolutions, then I'm not sure what does. So, in the spirit of new years, new decades, new beginnings, and new blog designs (what can I say, flying pigs are my spirit animal)...I bring you my 10 Mostly Realistic Resolutions for 2020.

As ever, in no particular order...

1.  I will Facebook less. Let me say first that I don't think there's anything wrong with Facebook. Most of my family live in other states, so FB is the primary way I keep in contact with them. It's great to be able to see photos of them and chat back and forth to keep up on their daily doings and what not. But sometimes it's just difficult to tear myself away from the scroll. I should be cleaning the house. Or doing laundry. Or trying to understand quantum physics. And I'm a teacher. I should almost always be lesson planning. So yeah, more living, less Facebooking.

Facebook Live Dangerously - Tinalicious