Not Today, Corona Virus, Not Today

One of the dangers of being an elementary school teacher is Germs. That is Germs, with a capital G! There are so many bugs going around our school right now. Thankfully, we just had 2 snow days in a row, so we are all getting a break from all those nasties that keep getting passed around. But I just went to the doctor today, thanks to my second sinus infection in two months. So I have not truly escaped those pesky little buggers. And boogers, as the case may be.

But as I was sitting here sneezing and trying to breathe through an annoyingly plugged nose, my sister shared a Baby Yoda meme with me that I could not resist sharing with you. Considering all the illness going around, and all the panic about that stupid Corona Virus, I think my sister's timing was excellent. And I mean, who doesn't love Baby Yoda?!

Baby Yoda Corona Virus - Tinalicious

So if you're healthy at the moment, best of luck escaping all the yuck that is making the rounds across the planet. Whether it's a cold, influenza, a sinus infection, a stomach bug, or anything else...take care of yourself. And you know, wash your hands maybe.

Did you wash your hands?