Best Things I Learned in 2019

Normally, I would do a "Best Things I Learned" post around my birthday in September. But since I'm trying to get back into a regular posting groove, I thought I'd end the year--and the decade--with a "Best Things I Learned" post instead. And I think we'll do it Outlander style to make it more fun. 

These are never in any particular order, because frankly, prioritizing these would just make my brain hurt. What can I say? I'm a teacher on Christmas break. I'm trying to give my brain a rest and I don't want to work that hard. So anyhoodle, Are you ready?

Outlander Je Suis Prest - Tinalicious

Outlander Crossover

Outlander Baby Yoda Crossover - Tinalicious

Outlander is one of my all time favorite shows. But I love me some Baby Yoda too. A crossover could totally not work, don't you think?! [Wink, wink.] Oh well. It's a fun idea though. Just something for a laugh as I trudge through Droughtlander. 

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

It's been quite a spell since I've posted a recipe or anything else here on the blog. Life has been crazy hectic since I started teaching again, so I've focused as much of my energy on teaching as possible. But I'm on the first day of my Christmas Break, so I have a little time on my hands. And one of my goals for the next year is to try to post more. So I'm taking a Tinalicious-sized step toward that goal by posting a new recipe. 

Friends Applause