80's Flashback Friday

As I sit here desperately trying to think of what to blog about today, I was browsing through Google images and came across some photos that were totally 80's. And then it hit me: Flashback Friday! So I decided I'd share some of my favorite memories of things and people from the 80's. You know, like, totally. After all, all the coolest people grew up in the 80's. Ahem. So lets travel back in time to that glorious decade of big hair and acid-washed denim that served to usher me into my teen years with quasi reckless abandon.

The 80's Rock Meme

One of my favorite things from the 80's, for probably no other reason than the fact that everyone else had them, was novelty shoelaces.

The 80's Shoelaces

I don't know who decided these were cool exactly, but seriously, most of us had them. They came in so many different styles, the possibilities were endless. No matter how cool your shoes were, they just weren't cool enough unless you had some fun shoelaces to go with them. Go figure.

And to go with our acid-washed, and straight-legged jeans, we also needed one very important accessory:

The 80's Combs

That's right,  you had to carry a comb...in your back pocket. Not in your purse. It had to be your back pocket. And really, they made you so cool. Fer sure. And those of us creative folks would also jazz them up with markers, paint, and whatever else we could find. We'd usually put our name on them too. After all, if you lost your comb, you'd want that cool piece of back-pocket-bling to be returned to you. Even if it was all grody, to the max.

And dang, where would the world of video games be today if we hadn't had these in the 80's:

The 80's Pac Man

Going to the local arcade was "the thing" to do back then. Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man (clearly she was a liberated and proud feminist since she was "Ms" rather than "Miss"), Frogger...that was the stuff of Friday nights, and weekends back in the day. I wish I had all the money I spent on video games back then. I could probably buy my grandson the new XBox.

One of my absolute favorite things about the 80's though, and I'm almost not ashamed to say it, was leg warmers!

The 80's Leg Warmers

At some point, you just HAD to have leg warmers to be cool. And to be REALLY cool, you had to have lots of them. You can blame Jane Fonda, or Olivia Newton-John if you weren't a leg warmer kind of 80's gal, but I totally was. I loved them. I wore my leg warmers until they fell apart. Was I a dancer? A gymnast? Hell to the no. I was just one of those oh so cool peeps who got cooler by way of those footless wonders that looked like sleeves that had been cut off of sweaters. The glory of the 80's at its finest.

But what about the people and music of the 80's? I can't forget about them. So lets' start with my major 80's fangurl crush. And that was the one and only, Rick Springfield.

The 80's Rick Springfield

Just look at him, OK?

Fan-Girling Reacting Gif

I first saw him on General Hospital, as Dr. Noah Drake. One look was all it took, and he had me wishing I was Jessie's Girl. General Hospital was at its hottest back then, and Rick Springfield sure added to the hotness factor. HOT-ness. Ohmigod! Fer sure.

And I guess I can't wax nostalgic about the 80's without talking about the one and only Madonna too.

The 80's Madonna

I don't think anyone can argue the fact that the Material Girl helped to define the 80's. I remember the first time I saw Madonna perform; it was on the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards. She sang 'Like a Virgin,' and rolled around on stage wearing a bridal-ish gown and a necklace that read, 'Boy-Toy.' My parents were mortified. I thought she was tubular, er, awesome. Whether you loved Madonna then or hated her, without her we'd have missed out on those awesome 80's fashion must-haves like lace gloves, headbands, too many bracelets, and religious jewelry. And oh yeah, wearing bras without shirts. Would you really  have wanted to miss out on that? As if.

And last but not least, I can't talk about the 80's without talking about Michael Jackson. Michael's career was skyrocketing in the 80's and he was setting (and selling) all kinds of records. I can't even think about the 80's without also immediately thinking about Thriller.

The 80's Michael Jackson Thriller

Photo Courtesy of My Eternal Angel, on Tumblr

I loved the album--you know, like back when we still had real albums. I played it over and over and over again. And I still remember the first time I saw the Thriller short film on MTV. It was  like a movie and it was amazing. I watched it every chance I could--and the Billie Jean short film too. You may not know it, but Billie Jean was the first video by a black artist to ever air on MTV, which was after their initial refusal to air the video AT ALL. But with the popularity of Billie Jean, and the unprecedented popularity of Thriller, Michael Jackson brought MTV into the mainstream. To many people (no, not just me, ahem), the 'M' in MTV stood for Michael. He was a true pioneer, who helped create and change music history, one leg kick, a-hee-hee, and moonwalk at a time. And Thriller is still, over thirty years later, the best selling album of all time. *Thanks, Michael.*

So I guess that's enough road-tripping through my icon-filled 80's past. It was quite the wild ride back then. Looking back on it, I still believe it was a decade of magic, and maybe a little madness. But it was worth it. If only I could return there for a visit once in awhile...but OK, Tina, time to get Back to the Future while I can still remember how. :)

Have a good weekend.

Like, totally.

Color Me Orange

Time for another Semi-Wordless Wednesday post. So let's get right to it, shall we?

Color Me Orange Tanning

Tan Much?

Shocked Reaction Gif

Best Bathing Suit Ever

OK, here's the conundrum.
I love the water and the beach. LOVE it. But I don't wear a bathing suit. Like, EVER. If you saw me you'd understand why I'm a little less than enthusiastic about strutting around half naked in attire that is only legal because it's called a "bathing suit."

Seriously, why is a bathing suit OK but underwear is NOT? Think about it. They're basically the same thing. Their function is the same--to cover up your girly bits, ample or otherwise. The only thing different is what they're called: Underwear vs. Bathing Suit. I'll never understand that. Especially considering a lot of women wear underwear that covers more of their girly bits, ample or otherwise, than their bathing suit ever could.

But anyhoots, despite my ample protests about never wearing a bathing suit for the rest of my entire life and then some, I think I've found one bathing suit that every plus-sized gal with body issues could enjoy. See for yourself.

Best Bathing Suit Ever LOL

Now that is really kind of brilliant, don'tcha think?

FRIENDS Applaud Reaction Gif

While I still don't see a bathing suit covering my girly bits, ample or otherwise, any time in the foreseeable future, the one in that pic made me smile today. So had to share it with you.

Sticky Note Saturday 5-25

What do Zombies, Lost Dishes, and the Exit door have in common?
Why, Sticky Note Saturday, of course. It's been so long since I've regularly posted, and I'm trying to get back into my groove, so I wanted to do my Sticky Note Saturday post for this weekend. While all you cool peeps are off with family doing stuff I'm probably jealous of this holiday weekend, I'm here slaving away in front of the PC. And by slaving I mean working. And by working I mean just sitting here until I find something better to do.

But anyhoots, let's get to it. So you can get back to your margaritas family.


My Friday Confessions 5-24

My Friday Confessions 5-24

Time for another rousing rendition of My Friday Confessions. And by 'rousing' I mean interesting. And by 'interesting' I mean it could go either way. But let's dive right in, shall we? The suspense is
notkilling me.
  1. I have a criminal past. Although it pains me to admit it, there was this time when I was young and full of semi-false bravado, when I decided to break the law--and I stole...a pack...of Bubblicious. That's right, Tinalicious is a Bubblicious thief. Hmm. I think I've just had a gum-smacking epiphany. My days as a hardened criminal seem to have infiltrated my law-abiding adult blogging life by subconsciously inspiring my blog name. Dammit, will my criminal past ever stop haunting me?! I did the crime, but I think I've served enough time and penance at this point. Oh the shame. The horror. The um...icious-ness of it all!

  2. I lather, and I rinse, but I don't repeat. Call me crazy, but if you Lather, Rinse, Repeat, you are what advertisers are referring to when they say,'there's one born every minute.' *winks* Fight the urge to repeat, y'all. Don't be a REPEATER!

  3. I am still wildly confused and tormented over the disappearing older brother, Chuck, from Happy Days. Seriously, where the hell did that dude go? It's madness, I tell you, utter madness. Don't give us a beloved, albeit mostly invisible older brother character and then yank him away from us! And I bet HE didn't consider them to be Happy Days. But I have to wonder if he's friends with the original Becky from Roseanne...and the original Aunt Vivian from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Maybe they have, like, a club or something?
So there you have it, My Friday Confessions for today.

Go forth now, sated with the humor-filled guffaws of my Friday ramblings. I bid you well.

Put the Fork Down, Mister

So the other night, The Hubs and me (yes, I know that's bad grammar--I'm a rebel like that) went out to eat. We tend to have interesting experiences when we dine out; sometimes it's like Dining With Farm Animals. But, hey, at least that keeps it interesting.

Anyhoodle, the other night we were eating at a local eatery, and we were doing our requisite chewing and what-not, minding our own biz--a.k.a. people-watching the other restaurant patrons, when all of a sudden the Hubs somehow managed to drop his fork on the floor. No bigs. I mean, it's not like the restaurant doesn't have thousands of other forks around. So as I begin looking around to find our waitress, I spy out of the corner of my good eye, the Hubs, picking up his fork off the floor. No bigs. I mean, he's just being polite and picking up the fork so that the waitress doesn't have to, or so some small child doesn't get impaled by the bacteria-covered, pronged object that is begging to be stepped on at any moment.

Then, in the blink of that good eye, it all started to get fuzzy, and time began to move in slow motion, as I watched in horror as the Hubs had fork in hand and was moving it toward the food on his plate. That's right, people, he was going to EAT with it. Apparently I live with a farm animal too!

Seinfeld Shock Reaction Gif

So, after regaining my ability to speak, in the most restrained, disgusted voice I could muster during the slow-motion shock and horror of it all, I yelled firmly commanded that he, "Put the fork down, mister."

And he was like, "What?"

What Reaction Gif

And I was like,

Tim Gunn Reaction Gif

And then he smiled and was all like,

Joey Not Sorry Reaction Gif

And really, what could I say at that point?

Elena Perturbed Reaction Gif

Yes ladies, that sexy beast is my hubby.

Ian Somerhalder Yes Reaction Gif


My Obsession with Damon and The Vampire Diaries

I originally created these memes for my Fangdom blog on Tumblr. But I decided it would be a good baby step back into the world of Tinalicious blogging by sharing them here as well. After all, The Vampire Diaries is one of My Obsessions the last couple of years. And let's not forget about DAMON. What can I say?

Awkward Moment Damon The Vampire Diaries

If only I was 10 years younger. And 50 pounds lighter. And single. And with better teeth. And um, hot. Yeah. Then Ian Somerhalder would be mine, I'm sure of it.

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Hope to be blogging again soon!

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