Best Bathing Suit Ever

OK, here's the conundrum.
I love the water and the beach. LOVE it. But I don't wear a bathing suit. Like, EVER. If you saw me you'd understand why I'm a little less than enthusiastic about strutting around half naked in attire that is only legal because it's called a "bathing suit."

Seriously, why is a bathing suit OK but underwear is NOT? Think about it. They're basically the same thing. Their function is the same--to cover up your girly bits, ample or otherwise. The only thing different is what they're called: Underwear vs. Bathing Suit. I'll never understand that. Especially considering a lot of women wear underwear that covers more of their girly bits, ample or otherwise, than their bathing suit ever could.

But anyhoots, despite my ample protests about never wearing a bathing suit for the rest of my entire life and then some, I think I've found one bathing suit that every plus-sized gal with body issues could enjoy. See for yourself.

Best Bathing Suit Ever LOL

Now that is really kind of brilliant, don'tcha think?

FRIENDS Applaud Reaction Gif

While I still don't see a bathing suit covering my girly bits, ample or otherwise, any time in the foreseeable future, the one in that pic made me smile today. So had to share it with you.