Butterliciously Paula Deen

OK, groupies, it's Meme Mania time. You know you love it. Don't pretend like you don't. And I aim to please. Blog bonus for you too, because today's macro (a.k.a. meme) is Paula Deen-related. Now I love me some Paula Deen, y'all. And I know you do too. So don't pretend like you don't. And if you love Paula, then there's no need for me to explain the butter connection to Paula, right? Everything is better with butter!

You just have to know how thrilled I was to be shopping in Wal Mart on Friday night, only to discover that Ms. Deen's delectable delights are now available in the bakery section. Score!! So if you, too, are looking for
the chance to clog your arteries and raise your cholesterolsome sweet after dinner treats, you can now look no further than your local Wally World bakery to get something straight from Paula's oven (almost). See for yourself.

Paula Deen Treats

And even though butter is  bad for you, sometimes you just gotta live on the edge. Take a walk on the pure fat and empty calories wild side. Live a little. Can butter really be that bad?! Just ask Paula.

Paula Deen Butter LOL

Sending you love and best dishes, from our kitchen to yours. Just the way you love it. So don't pretend you don't.