Some Farts Are Funny

I wanted to share a funny little tidbit from the world of grandparent-hood with you. My grandson, Dylan spent the night recently, which he doesn't do so often anymore so it's a treat when he does. Anyhoots, he needed a bath so I got him in my tub. This is something he really enjoys, because, well, I have a really big tub.  I also have a TV at the foot of the tub, and I'm sure the ability to bathe while watching Sponge Bob has a little something to do with his sudden affection for bath time at gramma's house.  And FYI: Sponge Bob can be equally entertaining to bathing adults. Just sayin.

So he was in the tub and I decided to brush my teeth. So I'm brushing away when I hear him giggling repeatedly. I looked myself up and down to make sure that I was not the subject of his prolonged amusement, and I couldn't find anything amiss (nothing out of the ordinary anyway). And just about the time I finished the rinse and spit routine in the sink, he finally enlightens me.

"Gramma, gramma...guess what? I can make my own bubbles. Watch."

Can you guess where this is going, folks? Sure enough, Dylan has discovered that age-old practice of farting in the bathtub, which naturally creates bubbles...albeit temporary ones.  I couldn't help but laugh as he beamed at his new-found discovery.  From the sound of his giggles echoing through the bathroom, I'd say this was the highlight of his day....and mine.

Some Farts Are Funny - Tinalicious

Face it: sometimes, farts are funny. Admit it. Come on.

I hear you laughing.