MJ and Bieber Memes

A lot of deranged people are making comparisons between Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson. Some crackheads actually liken his talent to the King of Pop's.  WTH? While I do admit the kid can sing, I don't think he's in the same stratosphere as Michael Jackson. I mean, come on, people. I suppose you're also going to tell me that Lindsay Lohan has the same acting chops as Julia Roberts? [Insert uproarious laughter here] Puhlease. The only thing those ladies share in common is red hair. So let's just keep it real, shall we?

Anyhoots, a lot of MJ fans like to poke fun at the Bieberoni. It's all in good fun. And he is also a big MJ fan, from what I hear,  so he gets points for that (at least he has good taste). But I'm still gonna jump on the G-rated Bieber-bashing bandwagon for just a moment, as I share with you some Bieberific Michael Jackson memes for your Monday.

Michael Jackson Beiber Duet Meme

MJ Awards Meme

Michael Jackson 8 Grammys Meme

And don't feel guilty for laughing at these memes. You can love the Biebs and still have a little fun at his expense. Or you can Blame it on the Boogie and be on your merry way. Whatevs.