Can I See Your Id?

So it was a day out for The Hubs and Me yesterday. We decided to head uptown to check out the Lilac Festival, something we don't always get to do because for some reason, Mother Nature decides to send rain almost every year for that local event. It's like the curse of the Lilac Festival or something. Although if you are wanting rain, then you can plan on it happening that day and you'll be quite the happy and soggy little camper.

But anyhoots, it was sunny out for the most of the day with only clouds in the distance, so we decided to check out the festivities before the weather took its predictable turn for the worst (which it did later that day). Lots of nice little arts and crafts for sale. And I must say, tutus must be the "in" thing right now, as just about every other craft booth was selling tutus. But my only purchase  of the day was a hand-thrown ceramic bowl with a spout, made by a potter I went to college with. It came with a whisk and I thought it would be the perfect scrambled eggs mixing bowl, so we bought it. Yes, folks, I do get excited about scrambled eggs. That's not weird.

After the festival we decided to head to Fort Wayne for dinner, since I needed some things from Sam's Club anyway. Neither of us had eaten by 2pm, so Olive Garden was sounding mighty tasty to us both. And since our town has little in the way of decent restaurants, we almost always have to drive an hour to get the good stuff, as it were.

So we got seated immediately at the OG, which was odd considering it was Saturday and it's usually pretty packed. But who am I to complain [listening to my husband snicker in the background]?! And then our lovely waitress offered us some booze, er, wine. I'm never one to turn down free liquor [did I just say that...'out loud'?], even in small quantities, so we said sure, we'll have some. And then came the question that caused a great deal of cognitive dissonance to both the Hubs and me.

"Can I see Your Id?"

Um, hold on just a tick. You want to see my what now?

Perplexed, I just asked the waitress, "are you serious?"  And she told us that yes, it's a new law in the state of Indiana that requires them to ID everyone up to age 50.

Tinalicious Ohio ID Meme

But seriously...WTH?

I can see carding someone up to age 30 or so, because there are plenty of 28-year-olds that look more like they're 20. So there's room for doubt in that age range. But as much as I like to think I look quite young for my 44.8 years, I don't think there's any mistaking the fact that I am well over the legal drinking age of 21. Know what I mean?

But apparently the law is the law, and that means everyone up to age 50 is gonna get carded in Indiana, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to us ignorant Ohioans. Seems like a giant waste of time to me. But what the heck do I know?

On the plus side, I told the Hubs, we should look at it as a compliment. I mean, if she carded us, at least it means we don't look over 50. So I guess I can reserve any righteous indignation for the day when I don't get carded in Indiana, because that will mean I do look over 50. And then I guess I'm gonna need the free booze at the OG to soothe my shattered ego.