My Brush with Fame

OK, I'm gonna start off by saying that I'm kind of obsessed with all things Hollywood and celebrity. It has fascinated me ever since I was a little girl. It just clicks with me, who knows why? But it does. So I'm all about the celebrity news of the day, whatever that might be. And I'm not just talking about Robert Pattinson here either, folks. ;)

I also want to preface this all by saying that as much as I'm into celeb news and such, I don't ever often get lucky enough to meet any real live celebrities. The closest I've ever really gotten to a brush with fame was when Harrison Ford flew his small plane into the local county airport in need of some slight engine repair, when a friend of the Hubs' worked there. Did I meet Harrison Ford? No, dammit!. But hey, I was within 10 miles of him, which is closer than most regular folk ever get to a star of his stature, no? So it counts.  Sort of.

So imagine my elation surprise when I heard the story about a friend of a friend, who was at an airport recently (and it's totally coincidental that this story also involves an airport--though not the same one). She was minding her business, passing the time, looking around, as anyone would when sitting in an airport. But she soon realized that she was sitting next to someone quite famous. And not just D-List-famous like Kathy Griffin, mind you. We're talking seriously big star here. And when he got up to walk away, she managed to get a picture.

Care to take a guess?

Mystery Famous Actor

I know, I know. It's difficult to recognize him, considering he's photographed more often with his shirt off (thank you, God) than with it on. Give up? If you haven't figured it out, maybe this will help you...

Matthew McConaughey Actor

Yes. That is Matthew-freaking-hot-McConaughey. Matthew. McConaughey! Why doesn't this kind of thing ever happen to me???!!! Wahhhhhh.

OK, I'll calm down. And I'll take what comfort I can in the fact that it was Matthew, and NOT Robert Pattinson. Because if I know someone, who knows someone, who sat next to Robert Pattinson in an airport, I think I'd just sort of die a little bit inside.

Still, you have to admit that Matthew is H-O-T. Even with his shirt on. And I sure wouldn't complain if he was sitting next to me in an airport. Hell, he could spill something all over me and it probably wouldn't phase me at all. That's just how I roll. Well, when I'm sitting next to a celebrity anyway.

So anyhoots, post title aside, I guess this wasn't really exactly my brush with fame. But at least I can say I know someone, who knows someone, who sat next to Matthew McConaughey at an airport one day. And that's probably as close as I'm ever gonna get.