The Turn On

OK, so Friday nights are usually dining out nights for The Hubs and Me.  It's just a ritual, since we always go grocery shopping that night, and since I don't wanna have to grocery shop and cook. As if! So we eat out before we hit the grocery store.

Well this past Friday night we went to a great Italian place in town, one that really has the best prime rib around.  An Italian place? With the best Prime Rib? Yeah, go figure. But it's really, really good.

So as I was ordering, I couldn't remember if I usually get the small or large cut of prime rib. My mind was leaning toward the small, but since Friday night always includes specials on prime rib, the larger cut actually works out to be the same price as the small. So I figured I'd just get the large cut and take home any leftovers.

As we waited for our meals to arrive, I ate a lot of their fabulous garlic bread, which is the best garlic bread around.  No joke, I could sit there and eat just the garlic bread and be quite a happy carb-filled girl. It's that good. But I was anxious for that yummy prime rib to get to the table too.

Well, I wasn't anxious for long, because when it arrived it was so damn big. I mean, huge. We're talking jumbo sized beef here, people. I immediately knew I'd never gotten that large cut before. I sure as heck would have remembered getting a monster portion of meat this size. And I would have just as easily remembered that there would be no way in hell I could have eaten something that big.

Reasonable Facsimile of the Prime Rib
I immediately told the waitress, "the next time I come in here, do NOT let me order the large cut again." Seriously. It could have fed a small country. I actually felt sorry for the cow that was sacrificed so that I could have that meat sitting on a plate in front of me. Just what I need: cow guilt.

I knew going in I wasn't going to be able to eat even half of that damn prime rib, but I was definitely going to enjoy whatever I could eat. And so I did. So I was eating some prime rib, and alternating with the pasta Alfredo that came with it--which is actually NOT the best around. Sorry, but Olive Garden still holds that title for me.  So I'm cutting and chewing and trying to decide when I was going to be full, and wiping the Au Jus that was running down my chin, as Au Jus is wont to do.

And then out of nowhere, so very randomly and matter-of-factly, the Hubs looks at me and says, "I think we should have sex tonight."

Um, WTH?

Hold the phone here, mister-I-love-my-wife-but-she-could-stand-to-lose-a-few-pounds! Because this really begged the question, "Are you telling me that watching me consume large quantities of prime rib, pasta and garlic some sort of turn on to you?!"

He just laughed and kind of shook his head no and said, "no...just wanted to give you something to think about."

Um, OK.

Men are seriously weird creatures.  One minute they're conjuring up as much sensitivity as they can in their completely inept male way to tell you that your weight "is an issue" sometimes [while they stand far enough away to be out of striking distance]. And the next minute they're watching you attempt to eat the biggest hunk of prime rib on the planet and telling you they want to have sex with you.

Go figure.