Nikki and Paulo on LOST

You know, LOST was one of my all time favorite shows. Loved it. Adored It. Couldn't get enough of it. And I'm still pissed off that it's not on anymore! Luckily, there are DVD's to be had, so that I can get my little LOST fix whenever I feel like it. But there's one thing that always puzzled me about LOST. Well, I mean, aside from all the major stuff that puzzled me about LOST. Specifically, I'm talking about Nikki and Paulo. I mean seriously, WTH?

So I made this sort of Motifake poster for my Meme Mania collection. Fellow LOSTies like myself will surely get the humor. If you're not a LOST fan, it's definitely going to be LOST on YOU. Ahem. But I'm posting it because I have been re-watching the series and they popped into my head as a result.

Nikki and Paulo LOST Meme

And if you didn't watch LOST, might I suggest that you dive right in, if only to join us in appreciating the mystery of Nikki and Paulo. Who am I kidding, they're not a reason to watch the show. But if you do need a word: Sawyer.

Sawyer LOST Hotness

Any questions?