Happy Mother's Day to The Mom I Lost

I can't get you back,
but I won't let you go,
and if you can hear me now
I just want you to know...
I loved you from my first breath
I'll love you 'til my last,
And as I head into the future
I won't forget the past;
Your memory travels with me
safely in my heart,
wrapped in love forever
you'll always be that part
that I hear in Dylan's laugh
and see in Destiny's smile
the voice that says 'you'll be OK,
it just might take awhile.'
I'll see you in the garden
when daisies are in bloom,
when fireflies start dancing
and sunsets meet the moon.
I'll feel you in the summer breeze
so soft upon my face,
like kisses from my childhood
that no one can replace.
I know I can't get you back
but I'll never let you go,
Never Apart in Heart, Mom
and I'll always love you so.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom, in Heaven.


The Mom I Lost Carolyne Gould

Carolyne Ruth Gould

August 14, 1946 - February 15, 2012

In My Heart, Always.