Baby Got Back

As I was
wasting timeworking hard the other day I took a
two-hourquick peek through Pinterest and found some funny images I thought I'd share today. All the images are Back-related, so they all kind of stood out to me and forced inspired this blog post, which I gladly share for your Friday amusement.

Saggy Back Pants
Saggy Back

Hairy Back
Hairy Back
Bad Ass Thong
Bad Ass
Ass Crack Muffin Top
Ass Crack

These could also be called, What Not to Wear in Public, I should think. I mean, it's like a car accident. You can't NOT look. You don't want to. But you HAVE to.

Oh My God Reaction

Now that I've given you a reason or two to chuckle, or to question your faith in humanity, feel free to get back to work or what not. And have a good weekend. :)