Vampire Crushing

OK, yes, I admit it. I'm maybe slightly too old to be crushing on 34 year-old celebrities. But on the other hand, that's only 13 years younger then me. That's not so bad, is it? Or does that make me a soon-to-be card-carrying member of the National Cougar Society (my happily married status aside)? Well, whatever that makes me, I have almost no shame in saying that I have a huge crush on Ian Somerhalder, and his ever-so-hot-vampire-alter-ego, Damon Salvatore. So sue me. I can't help myself. And frankly, I don't want to. The man is H.O.T.

Anyhoots, since I'm such a big fan, and since I need to add to The Vampire Diaries category on the blog, I thought I'd post a few Damon/Ian-related memes, just on the off chance that any of you are Damon/Ian fans too. But if you're not, I'm only too happy to try and convert you. I made the first two memes, and the other one I found while surfing Pinterest.

File Missing Ian Somerhalder meme

Damon Vampire Diaries Hotter meme

Come With Me Damon meme

Now come's not just me, right? Whether you watch The Vampire Diaries or not (or you've loved him since he played Boone on LOST like me), you have to be able to appreciate that kind of hotness. Am I right? And if you are in fact a die-hard TVD fan like myself, well, you already understand.

But I guess maybe that's enough Damon/Ian appreciation for today. Except...

Damon Shower Vampire Diaries

You're welcome.