Un-American Cheese at Captain D's

Do you ever have one of those moments where you say to yourself, 'now I've seen everything?'

Well, I sure do. And if you'd been out to dinner with The Hubs and Me on a recent excursion to Captain D's, you'd have had one too. Now of course let me preface this all by saying that I'm under no false illusions about the menu fare calling itself "seafood" at Captain D's. Most of it is really only slightly better in quality than frozen dinner seafood at any neighborhood supermarket. But when you're hungry, and you don't want a burger and fries, and you're too cheap to spring for a real meal out and too--ahem--lazy to cook on a Sunday evening, Captain D's looks pretty darn good. So on occasion, the Hubs and I make our way to the ever-so-sea-scaped interior of the local fast seafood eatery and get our grub on.

But on a recent trip, the Hubs asked for a baked potato. This, in and of itself, is nothing new for said Hubs. He loves a baked potato when we dine out. But he also loves it with some shredded cheese on top, and for reasons I'll never quite be able to fathom, he can't quite eat a baked potato without said cheese. So he asked the counter person for some cheese for the spud and neither of us thought much more about it. Until...our food was brought to us and said cheese was nowhere to be seen.

So, the Hubs went back to the counter and asked for said cheese. And upon his return, imagine my horror when I saw this:

Un-American Cheese at Captain D's

Do you see it there? That yellow-orange square of American cheese? On. The. Potato?!

Michael Jackson Says No Reaction Gif

OK, hold on just a tick, people. You can put American cheese on all sorts of things.


Sandwiches (grilled or otherwise).


But you cannot, I repeat, NOT, put American cheese on a baked potato. I'm sorry. But no.

That's just wrong. And gross. And un-American.

But dude (sometimes I really just like to say, 'dude'), the Hubs ate it anyway. He totally did. And I totally gagged.

So I guess the moral to this
pointlessstory should be, always specify that you want SHREDDED cheese when you're at Captain D's.

It's the, um, American thing to do.