My Life in Movies

I was reading a guest post on the Dooce blog the other day, in which the guest blogger (Sarah) posted about movie-milestones in her life. It was quite the fun read, and it inspired me to steal borrow her idea and give you all the Tinalicious perspective of My life in Movies. And it's perfect for a Flashback Friday. So grab some popcorn and lets get to it, shall we?

MJ Popcorn Reaction Gif

First animated movie that made me cry, even though I denied it at the time, that I watched at the drive-in from the back of my grandparents' station wagon:


Movie that I saw at the theater with my mom and my sister, which I didn't want to go see and raged quite a protest, only to fall in love with it:

Gone With the Wind--it was a special showing at our local theater at the time, probably due to an anniversary of the movie or something. I was around 10 years old at the time, I believe. And dang that movie was long! It even had an intermission.

Completely inappropriate movie that my mom took me to, thinking that is was a movie about a superhero, and that she had to cover my eyes in several parts before we finally left the theater:

Superfly.  Note: it was not about a superhero.

One of my favorite movies as a teen, that was just a random movie pick when several of my friends and I hit the theater one weekend, that we almost didn't want to see, and yet we loved so much during the show that when the film broke during a crucial moment we all went wild in the theater in protest:

On Golden Pond

Least favorite movie I saw as a teen, in which I WISHED the film would have broken so I would have had a good excuse to leave the theater:

Absence of Malice

Movie my best friend and I tried to go see at the theater, even though it was rated R and we were under age, and that we lied to our parents and told them we were going to see something else when they dropped us off at the theater, and still tried every way possible to sneak into, to no avail:

Endless Love

Movie I have still never seen to this day after the underage, rated R movie fiasco:

Endless Love

Movie that I saw repeatedly in the theater, and that still is my most viewed theater movie (10 times) to date, and that my sister, my cousin and I sang and danced to its soundtrack album in our living room to the point that our neighbors must have thought it was the only album we owned:


First action movie that I ever loved, that my awesome Uncle Bobby took me to, and that made me want to become an archaeologist for awhile:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

80's Movies that I adored that I still watch to this day:

The Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
Say Anything
16 Candles
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Movies that made me fall in love with the leading men back in the day:

Risky Business
Lethal Weapon
Dirty Dancing
Die Hard

Movies that I hated, and I do mean HATED, and that I would never, ever--don't even bother to offer me money 'cause it ain't happening--watch again:

Pulp Fiction
Gone Fishing
What Dreams May Come
Any of the Star Wars "prequels"

Recent movies I can't stop re-watching:

Pitch Perfect

Not-So-Recent movies that I love to re-watch, no matter how many times I've seen them:

National Treasure
Tomb Raider
The Mummy
The Big Chill
Pirates of the Caribbean
Charlie's Angels

Chick Flicks I can watch over and over, that the Hubs can't stand, so I watch them after he goes to bed (unless I'm mad at him, in which case it would do him good to watch them so I have a chick flick marathon instead):

Hope Floats
Ever After
The Notebook
Message in a Bottle
The Twilight Saga
Pretty Woman
Never Been Kissed
Notting Hill
Sweet Home Alabama

Movies I probably shouldn't like, but I actually love:

What a Girl Wants
Peggy Sue Got Married
Along Came Polly

Some movies I absolutely adore, but that you probably haven't seen--but should:

Paradise (starring Melanie Griffith)
The Man in the Moon (starring a young Reese Witherspoon)
Mystic Pizza (starring Julia Roberts, in one of her first movie roles)
While You Were Sleeping (a sleeper hit, starring Sandra Bullock)
Somewhere in Time (starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour)

OK, well, that's a LOT of my life in movies, isn't it? I should end this here, because hopefully, I've inspired you to watch--or re-watch--a movie or two after reading this. As for me, the next movie I'll be watching this weekend is Meet the Millers. How about you?