Jimmy Fallon and JT Dance Party

I'm feeling the need for a Hump Day Dance Party. I don't know why these gifs always make me smile, but they do. And since smiles are meant to be shared, then all of you get to share in the glory that is Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake...dancing gifs.

Oh yes. I mean it.

JJT This is Happening

So prepare to cut loose with two of my favorite gif dancers on the entire planet. Or at least on the Internet. Put on your favorite dance tune and dance along, won't you, boys and girls?!

 Camp Dancing

JTT Camp Dancing

 Lord of the Dance

JTT Lord of the Dance

Bee Gees Styling

JJT Bee Gees

Rappin It

JJT Posing


JJT Pumping

 Slow-Mo Oomph

JJT Pumping More

Old School

JTT Old School


JTT MJ Style

Bye, Bye, Byeeee

JTT N'Sync

I don't know about you, but I feel much better. Wasn't that glorious?