Tom Hiddleston

Is anyone else Hiddlestoned? You know, part of the Tom Hiddleston fangirl army?!

Tom Hiddleston Army

Maybe it's because I have a thing for gingers (the Hubs is a ginger, after all, and my favorite one). Maybe it's because he's British. Maybe it's just because he's increeeeddddiiiibbbbblllllyyyy sexy. And sweet. And smart. I mean, what's not to love?

He loves Shakespeare. 
His fave TV show is Fawlty Towers. 
He can play a mean game of table tennis. 
He loves to read.
And he knows how to dance.

Anyhoots, I'm crushing on Hiddles lately. And I'm not ashamed.

Tom Hiddleston Meme

I even created a board for Hiddles on Pinterest. Because, you know...

Fan Girls

So feel free to give me a shout out if you're in the Hiddlestoners Army too. Us fangirls gotta stick together.