In my fervent quest to keep my favorite immortal, Damon Salvatore, alive forever--only a couple of weeks away from the premiere of the final season of The Vampire Diaries--I'm doing my best to bring back my favorite memes, digital art, and images of the show. So what could be more perfect than a few memes and images dedicated to the sexiest Salvatore? 

Windows Error Meme Damon TVD

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Waiting for Damon to Take Off His Shirt Message

That's What Fan Girls Do Meme

And for your patience, here is your shirtless Damon reward.
Damon Shirtless in the Shower Gif

How we feel watching Damon Salvatore Minions Meme

Or maybe it's more like...
Minions Screaming Reaction Gif

And let's not forget that eye thing he does...

Damon's Eye Thing Gif

Or the Damon Dance Party

Damon Dance Party Gif

Or his little bits of Damon wisdom...

Life Sucks Get a Helmet Damon Salvatore

And let's be real: if he asked me to...

Damon Come With Me meme

He is perfectly Damonlicious.
That's Not Even a Word Gif
(Not that it matters).

Oh and,
Damon Salvatore BTW

Perfect Immortal Damon Salvatore

Am I obsessed? Maybe a little. But guess what?

Caroline Forbes Sorry Not Sorry Gif