I can't believe one of my favorite shows of all time is ending forever. The Vampire Diaries will soon be no more. I've been dreading it all season. Living in denial. Now it's actually almost finished and I'm not emotionally prepared. Not even remotely. When that last episode ends...

I'll just be in the corning crying - TVD

And then after the sun comes up and reality sets in that it's over. I mean, REALLY over...

Text me every 30 seconds and say it is OK - TVD

I mean, it seems like just yesterday Katherine Pierce arrived in Mystic Falls and was running around, chasing after the Salvatore boys and causing chaos and mayhem.

Catherine Pierce Puppet Master - TVD

Doppelganger hijinx ensued...

Doppelgangers TVD

Because Elena loved Stefan...

Stelena Love - TVD

Stelena - TVD

and then Elena loved Damon (it's OK to love them both).

Delena Dance - TVD

Delena Kiss - TVD

Delena Big Kiss - TVD

And let's not forget the moments of magic with Bonnie...

Bonnie Bennett Magic - TVD

or Lexi...

Lexi and Stefan - TVD

or Klaroline...

Klaroline Dance - TVD

Klaroline Kiss TVD

or the Alaric and Damon epic bromance...

Damon and Alaric - TVD

or the first time Elena vamped out...

Elena is finally a vampire - TVD

or little Gilbert...

Jeremy Gilbert - TVD

and definitely not those epic moments with Team Salvatore...

Damon's Return to Stefan - TVD Bromance

or some long awaited Bamon love...

Bonnie Returns to Damon - TVD

or even the moment that Katherine finally got Stefan...

Katherine Stefan Kiss - TVD

and surely not our favorite human, Matty blue eyes...

Matt Donovan - TVD

or that resident hunk & hybrid, Tyler.

Tyler Lockwood - TVD

I have to say too, that it just wouldn't have been the same
without my favorite Sheriff, Liz Forbes.

Sheriff Forbes - TVD

When she died, I cried. Real. Tears.

I have so many great memories of The Vampire Diaries.
I discovered it on Netflix and from this moment...

Damon Hello Brother - TVD

I was  hooked.
It got me through some tough times, especially when my mom passed away in 2012. Mystic Falls and my favorite vampires were my escape and my refuge...and my favorite weekly destination. And even though the impending end of this show is making me feel like this...

Stefan It's Over - TVD

Elena It Hurts - TVD

Please Don't Leave Me - TVD

I'm still so glad I got to spend the last eight years with my Mystic Falls family--
every last vampire, werewolf, hybrid, witch, and human. 

Damon This - TVD

I'm really going to miss TVD though. So I'm going to end this homage to The Vampire Diaries with a quote from Damon Salvatore, that sums up pretty nicely how I feel about saying goodbye to everyone in Mystic Falls.

Damon - Hole in your life - TVD