Kissing is Pee Chee, but…

This post is not about Kissing! LOL This is my Flashback Friday post for this week on one of my favorite blasts from my 80's high school past: Pee Chees!

80's Pee Chee

Pee Chees were THE folders to have when I was in high school in Washington State. Probably lame by today's slick, glossy and sparkly folder standards, Pee Chees were the coolest of cool folders back in the day. They were made of simple card stock and inside had two pockets, and some useful reference information. But they were far more than just folders; they were your notepads, your art galleries, and your all around means of adolescent self-expression. If you didn't customize your Pee Chees, face it, there was just something wrong with you.

There were some standard Pee Chee graffiti touches: adding thought bubbles to each of the athletic characters--ranging from the simple to the truly profane; changing the attire of the characters by coloring them in with tuxedos, or tutus, or making them look like stoners; or my personal favorite, changing the Pee Chee logo phrase from "Pee Chee All Season Portfolio," to "Kissing is Pee Chee, but Sex is an All Season Sport." You just had to have that one!

Kissing is Pee Chee

I think I still have a Pee Chee stashed away in my memory trunk somewhere. Someday after I'm gone, when my daughter is sorting through my torn and tattered memories, she'll find that Pee Chee and wonder what the heck it is and why I kept it....its coolness will be completely lost on her. But hey, that's OK. Sometimes coolness is obvious and in your face; but then other times it's hidden, in something as simple as a Pee Chee.