Where is my tomato sauce?!

You know, it just figures. You wanna make some homemade spaghetti sauce---which, BTW, I do EVERY time I make spaghetts--only to open the cupboard and find that you have no tomato sauce! What is up with that? All I have is some lame can of ready-made, generic-tasting, bland and boring spaghetti sauce that my daughter gave me, which she didn't want and I figured I could just throw in a recipe somewhere down the road. But down the road came tonight because I had no tomato sauce, and absolutely no desire to take a jaunt to the grocery store to buy more (it's a block away, but I'm lazy). What's a gal to do? Well, obviously, you just make the best of a bad spaghetti situation!

So I used the lame can of ready-make, generic-tasting, bland and boring spaghetti sauce and added my usual secret spaghetti sauce seasonings, and hoped for the best. But wait, the story does not end there! I have been using ground turkey to make my meaty spaghetti sauce for awhile now. I've been trying to eat healthier, avoid red meat more often, and since the Hubs seems to like it, all the better. But the ground turkey I bought for the sauce is NOT my usual ground turkey. No, the grocery store was out of my usual ground turkey, so I had to get some pre-seasoned Italian style ground turkey. And when I put it in the pan, it was unusually moist and sticky. No, gooey is a better word. Ewww. How does that even happen? It's just got added seasonings, so what gives?! Anyway, it was sticking to the pan like crazy and getting all weird on me! I had to wonder, what was wrong with the bird that gave its life for the ground meat in my spaghetti sauce, that in its current form looked like something not even remotely in the meat family! Sigh. Do you see the nightmare that is brewing here? This is no longer a bad spaghetti situation. No, no. This is a full blown, four alarm spaghetti disaster!

You have to understand, folks, I am a spaghetti sauce snob. I never eat ready-made spaghetti sauce on my spaghetti. Never. No, seriously. NEVER. I don't even like eating spaghetti at restaurants, because I don't like how it tastes. I'm sorry, but I just think mine is better. And why shouldn't I? I've been perfecting my spaghetti sauce for over 25 years! In fact, there's only been one restaurant in the last quarter of a century where I had spaghetti that I actually liked. That was at a local pizza joint in Weatherford, Texas (Thanks, MOM!). Best restaurant spaghetti I've ever had and I would actually eat it again!

But I digress...

Bottom line, the spaghetti sauce I made this evening just plain sucked! No measure of secret spaghetti seasonings could salvage the pile of pasta poo that was our dinner. Gotta give credit to the Hubs though; I'm sure he hated it too, but he ate two helpings...and even managed a smile when he was finished. Now that is true love right there, people. Forget roses, forget diamonds (OK, maybe that's going too far)...give me the man who will eat my spaghetti disaster--two entire helpings--and finish it off with a smile.

Note to self: BUY TOMATO SAUCE!