Yes, I'm a Twilighter

OK, I admit it. I am 42 years old...not exactly in the target demographic for the whole teenage-bloodsucker-goes-vegetarian-in-the-face-of-true-love saga that is Twilight. But what can I say: I'm a true fan of the fanged one and the story and characters that go along with him.

Oddly, I'm old enough to be this blood sucker's mother. And truth be told, I don't think he is the absolute most handsome young man in the world. Stranger still, I'm not attracted to the actor who plays our beloved Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson); rather, I am attracted to Edward himself (go figure). When I see photos of Robert, I think he's good looking, but if I didn't know he was also Edward, I don't even think I'd give him a second glance. There's just something about Edward (that face, those eyes, the I-don't-comb-my-hair-because-I-don't-have-to "do"). Both on screen and in photos, he is seriously, um, for lack of a better word, HOT!

My Favorite Vampire


Oh, sorry, I lost my train of thought for a second. ;o)

Anyhoo, what more can I say? I'm a Twilighter!