This is Us...Then

Yup, that was us, the Hubs and Me, 26 years ago, when our love was still in its infancy, looking so young and so sweet and so...80's! Even without the "81" on the Hubs' T-shirt, it's painfully obvious what decade we're in here. Seriously, look at my hair! That was Farrah feathering at its finest! And those glasses--they're half the size of my entire face. Whose brilliant optical mind of the day made those the requisite fashion statement for nearsighted young gals like myself? I can be excused, for I was young and knew not which look was right for my face! But the designer of those frames should be held accountable for the true spectacle they created! Oy.

For the record, regarding his ashen appearance, the Hubs is not a vampire (much as I might like to call him Edward when he's just out of earshot). The camera was not very far from us when we took this photo, and the flash just made him look a lot whiter than he really is. On the plus side, his stark white face actually makes my face look a little darker than it really is, and helps to distract the viewer from the zits that are lurking below my lower lip. Ahhh, adolescence. Isn't it a shame we don't get to linger there just a bit longer?!

John and I were married within 6-7 months of this photo being taken. I was 17. He was 21. We got married 2 weeks after I graduated from high school. In just a few months, we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. If I'm feeling brave by then, I will post an updated photo of us for comparison. OK, well, maybe I will, maybe I won't. There are just no guarantees in life, especially when we're talking about the 17 year old girl, who is now 42, and not exactly Miss America. But hey, anything is possible. So just check back in June!