Yes, I Know my Husand’s Phone Number

OK, so here's the scenario. I'm working at my desk and the phone rings. It's one of the Hubs' customers calling, and it goes something like this...

Me: Hello?

Customer: I need to talk to the plumber.

Me: He's not here right now, but I can take your name and number and have him call you.

Customer: He's supposed to come to my house at 2pm today but I'm wondering if he can come at 1:30 instead.

Me: My husband would need to answer that for you. I can take your name and number, or you can call his cell phone to speak with him directly. Do you know his phone number?

{Prepare for WTH? moment #1}

Customer: You don't know his phone number?

Me: Um, yes I know his number, I'm asking if YOU know it.

Customer: I just need to know if he can come at 1:30. Can you call him and have him call me?

Me: {Exasperated by WTH? moment #2} OK, so you want me to call him, to tell him to call you, instead of you just calling and speaking with him directly?

Customer: Yes

Does anyone else see the inanity of this conversation? Wouldn't it just make a whole lot more sense, not to mention save a whole lotta time, for the customer to have just called my Hubs' cell herself?! To me, this is always the quickest way to go. I am always just amazed at how many folks would rather I take a message--when they could just call his cell phone (which is the first number listed in the phone book anyway!) and save all kinds of {their} time and {my} frustration!

But hey, I guess that would just take the fun out of it for all of us. ;o)