The One With the List

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but FRIENDS is one of my all time favorite TV shows. I have every season of it on DVD. To say that I love it would be an understatement. Could I BE anymore of a fan? I think not.

Anyhoots, I got to thinking about my favorite episodes. There are so many of them, so that's some serious thinking I was doing. But one of them is called, The One With Frank Jr, which I affectionately call, The One With the List. In this episode, Chandler tells the gang at the coffee house that David Copperfield is on Janice's "freebie list," meaning, the list of celebrities she's allowed to sleep with. So the friends start discussing which celebrities they would each have on their own lists. Ross, of course, has to think on it and debate it forever and he gets stuck on Isabella Rossellini. He initially wants her to be on the list, but later removes her because she's too "International." So naturally, who should later walk into the coffee house but Ms. Is, and the best laughs of the episode ensue.  Classic Friends, I'm telling ya.

OK, so I've decided it might be fun to create my own freebie list. I'm sure the Hubs won't care. He might be incredibly uninterested. And who knows, maybe he'll want to give me his own list at some point. But anyway, it's all in good fun, right? So why the hell not?

Now in the episode, they're only allowed to have 5 celebs on their list, so that's all I will have for now. But I figure I'll probably want to change my list from time to time--I'm a girl don'tcha know. It's my prerogative.  Case in point: Mel Gibson. For years that man would have been number one on my list. But now? Um, not so much. {Karma is a bitch, Mel, what can I say?}

So without further ado, here is The List.

Edward Cullen: The Vampire

Twilight Edward Cullen

Now I think it's worth noting here that I've said Edward Cullen, and not Robert Pattinson. I'm talking about the vampire, peeps. Eyes that change color. An appetite for blood. Skin that sparkles in the sunlight. What's not to love? Does this make me weird? I don't even care anymore. [No judgment, please. Ahem.]

Brad Pitt: The Stud Muffin

Brad Pitt Shirtless

Now granted, these days Mr. Pitt is constantly sporting a ragged goatee and seems entirely in need of a new haircut...and a stylist. But if you don't find that man sexy, I just don't know what to say. I have no words.  If you need a reason, watch Troy again. That should do it for you. And since we're talking fantasy here, if I'm going to get to sleep with Brad, I wouldn't mind looking like Angelina for a day either!

Nicolas Cage: The Eccentric

Nicolas Cage Eccentric

It may not be obvious to the entire world, but it's quite evident to me. It starts with his eyes and just kind of oozes out from there--hotness! And I love that he's different, edgy, yeah, eccentric even. He is a bit of an enigma and I'm just drawn to him and have been for years. Need more explanation? See The Rock, Con Air, National Treasure, and Gone in 60 Seconds. He just had to be on The List.

Keanu Reeves: The Loner

Keanu Reeves Leather Pants

He can stop speeding buses. He's the key to unlocking the Matrix. And he knows a thing or two about adventure. So even though he does seem to be quite the loner in real life, he's got that mysteriously-unapproachable-yet-come-hither-look about him. Not too pretty, but not too rugged-looking either. Just a hot, normal guy--who doesn't seem to know he's hot--and who is just as happy out of the spotlight, as he is when he's making a movie that will net him just slightly more than minimum wage.  And you know, 20 years ago Keanu wouldn't even have made it on my List. See how much I've evolved?

Josh Holloway: The Lostie

Josh Holloway LOST

The only celebrity to take off his shirt on a regular basis more often than Taylor Lautner in a Twilight movie is Josh Holloway. And we are all the better for it. It was just a given among LOST fans that if Josh's character, Sawyer, was going to be featured prominently in an episode, then we were more than likely going to see him shirtless at some point. And Hell, sometimes I think they had him take his shirt off just to please the female LOST fans all over the world, who were only too happy to indulge in some shirtless-Sawyer-skin-flashing against those beautiful Hawaiian backdrops. And as a little bonus, it helped to distract us from the awareness that we were all clueless as to what was  really going on in each episode. Fan Confusion? Cue a shirtless Sawyer, and the collective sigh heard around the world.

OK, well, for now at least, that's my List. And I'm curious now...who would be on your list? Drop me a comment and let me know!