Wordless Wednesday Twilight-Perfect Picnic

Today's Semi-Wordless Wednesday post features all the ingredients you'll need for...the perfect summer picnic...Twilight style.

First you'll need the perfect ride.

Twilight Edward Volvo

And then the perfect woodsy destination...

Twilight Edward Woods

A little bite to eat...

Twilight Edward Apple

Perhaps a six pack?

Twilight Edward Abs

A little game of catch the vampire might be nice...

Twilight Edward Baseball

And just for fun, a few sparkles for some ambiance...

Twilight Edward Sparkles

And call me crazy, but how about another six pack?
(We can call it "dessert.")

Twilight Edward Shirtless

Yeah, I think that ought to do it...everything we'd need for the perfect summer picnic, Edward er, Twilight style.  Not that I'm obsessed or anything. Really. I'm not.

Happy Hump Day, fellow Twilighters!