Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Yes, you read that title right, folks.  You haven't gone crazy and you are in the right blog. And this is indeed a recipe post!  I wasn't quite sure how to post this since I don't generally do recipe-related posts. And since I'm not posting the actual recipe (since it's not mine), that made it even a bit more challenging. I was clueless as to what category to post this in, but I totally want to share it, so I'm creating a new category. Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?

Well OK then.

It's Tasty Tuesday. ;)

That'll work, I think. And so for the rare occasion when I decide I might like to post a recipe, or post a link to one, as the case may be, at least I'll have the proper forum for doing so. So off we go into the Tinaliciously tasty world of cookies! [That IS my kind of world, I must say.]

Now I got this recipe link from one of my favorite blogs, Kludgy Mom. If you haven't read the Kludgy Mom, you really should. I mean, Gigi is funny and clever and everything you could want in a fabulous blogger--and no, she didn't even pay me to say that. And if that ain't enough, she also posts fabulous recipes, or links thereto. So grab her feed pronto!

But the cookie recipe itself originated from another blog, Popcorn Served Daily. And good gracious, that blog title alone makes her blog worth a visit. But it was the recipe that was calling my name, so I was thrilled to visit Lisa's blog to snag it. And even more thrilled to test it out this weekend. This was the result.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies Recipe

What? How were they, you ask? Hold on a sec while I stop chewing long enough to find the right words...oh yeah...

Freaking AWESOME!

And being the cookie-loving gal that I am, when I find a cookie that is freaking awesome, I want to share the fat and calories the recipe with everyone! So, click below to:

When you try this recipe...and you will...be sure to tell Lisa that Tinalicious sent you...via the Kludgy Mom.  Now I've got to go make some more cookies. That's the only problem with making freaking awesome cookies: they don't last long. I blame the Hubs. He ate most of them!

Yeah, that's my story. And I'm sticking to it.