Easy English Trifle

Now this is the ideal recipe to post this week, since I'll be making this dessert on Friday for my in-laws. I make this almost every Christmas time, but since it's so easy to make and feeds quite a few peeps, I make it any time I need a big dessert that's totally yummy! This is my Easy English Trifle.

Easy English Trifle Recipe

I'm quite sure the folks across the pond, where this dish originated centuries ago, would likely be mortified at my take on an English Trifle.  A true Trifle would have some sort of ladyfingers, raspberry jam, custard, spirits (yay!) and whipped cream. But I'm a simple gal, and simple gals like simple recipes, don'tcha know. So while my ingredients do pay homage to the traditional English Trifle, the whole dessert has a bit more of an American flair. But hey, at least I didn't pull a Rachel (from FRIENDS, that is).  You won't find any beef in my Trifle!

Gawd, I love that episode...and I sure do miss FRIENDS! But hey, back to the recipe.


2 Boxes of Twinkies
1 Large Box Vanilla Instant Pudding
1 Large Box Strawberry Jello (or Cherry or Raspberry)
1 Large Container of Cool Whip

Cut up all of your Twinkies width-wise into pieces about 1/2" thick. Layer them around the bottom 1/3 of a clear bowl--on the sides and all across the bottom so that you have a nice, thick layer of Twinkies.  Then follow the directions on the Jello box and after mixing, pour the Jello liquid over all the Twinkies. Be sure to cover them all so they turn a nice, bright red. Put this in the frig for at least one hour (maybe two!) until it there is no more liquid when you jiggle the bowl. Once the Jello is set, make the Pudding according to package directions and pour over the top of the Jello and Twinkies. Refrigerate that for another 30 minutes to an hour, until Pudding is set. Once the Pudding has set then spread over the entire carton of Whip Cream. You can garnish with fruit, or sprinkles, or whatever you like, or leave it plain.  Serve cold and be sure to get down through all the layers when dishing it up.

I used to make this in a punch bowl, since it was the only clear bowl I had at the time. Whatever bowl you use, a clear bowl is best, just because it looks prettiest that way. This dessert is all about showing off the layers.  And it really is super simple, and Tinaliciously delicious!

Chip, chip, cheerio, and Happy Holidays!