House Calls

Can I have Stupid People for $1,000, Alex?

Stupid People...and the answer is:
Not a question you expect to get from a customer of your husband when your husband is a plumber.

And in the form of a question, "Does your husband make house calls?"

I mean. Seriously. WTF?! This is an actual question I got on the phone today from someone calling my husband, who happens to be a plumber. I actually had to pause to stifle the laughter and collect my thoughts before I could respond to this potential customer. What I really wanted to say was:

"Why no, no he doesn' husband actually diagnoses your plumbing problem using mental telepathy,  and then fixes it via tele-freaking-kinesis."

But all I could really say was:

"Um yes, I believe he does, and if you give me your name and number I'll have him call you as soon as he gets in."

That really has got to be the dumbest question I've been asked to date from one of my husband's customers.  Though it was as amusing as the time one of his customer's needed me to acknowledge that Yes, I Know my Husband's Phone Number.

At first I thought it was a trick question, a joke, perhaps. But they were dead serious. And after I hung up, I spent several minutes just trying to ponder the logic of asking that kind of question. Is this even possible? Are there plumbers who don't make house calls and still get paid? If there are, I think the Hubs would love to have a chat with them, because he could work more and yet never even leave the house! Hell, maybe I'll be become a plumber too.


Gotta hand it to these customers though, they do keep me entertained while I'm playing the role of plumber's secretary and honing my ever-necessary customer service skills.

Plumbing Can Be Fun meme

Have a good Wednesday, y'all.