My First Friday Confessional

Time to shake things up on a Friday night, don'tcha think? Sometimes I'm just not pissed enough to do a Friday Flip-Off. And sometimes I'm just not feeling nostalgic enough to do a Flashback Friday. So now I will have the option to do a Friday Confessional...just a little feature I discovered on the Rockin Mama blog, and that originates from the Our Dandelion Wishes blog. Got that all straight now? OK then. Lets get confessin'!

Rockin Mama Confessions

I confess...

I am addicted to blogging, cheese, Michael Jackson, the Food Network, and a vampire named Edward Cullen [a fictional character who is older than me, though the actor who plays him is young enough to be my son]. And not necessarily in that order. That doesn't make me...weird. Does it?

Cheese meme

I confess...

On occasion I pick my nose. Now close your mouth and wipe the look of feigned horror from your face and don't try to pretend like you don't do it too. At least sometimes. We ALL do it. Maybe not in public, and thank God for that. But we do DO it.

Obama Not a Booger Meme

I confess...

I almost always fart within 5 minutes of getting up in the morning. Now I'm not sure what that says about my internal disposition, but hey, better out than in, I always say.

Soiled the Air Meme

I confess...

I make fun of people who wear spandex.

Spandex Meme

For obvious reasons.

I confess...

I know you're going to click that last photo to enlarge it.

For the same reason I did.

Which will go without saying.

But we all know what it is.

And it's OK. Being a perv curious sometimes is just human nature.

And I won't tell if you won't.