80s Era MJ Macros

Today's Michael Jackson memes all feature Michael back in the day, um, my day, The 80's. I made the first one, but the other two I found online.  They did make me L-O-L. For reals. ;)  So naturally I wanted to share them with yous. [And no, there's no particular reason why I'm making random words plural today. That's just how I rolls sometimes.]

And you know, nothing says the 80's like Mr T. Am I right?

MJ Mr T Meme

MJ was good friends with another 80's star, Emmanuel Lewis.

Michael Jackson Emmanuel Lewis Meme

And it wouldn't be 80's MJ without a sparkly jacket, now would it?

Michael Jackson Sparkly Jacket Meme

No doubt about it, folks. Michael Jackson ruled the 80's! Gawd I miss those days. You know, when Moonwalking had nothing to do with NASA;  when glittery socks and a fedora meant MJ was getting his Billie Jean on; and when Thriller was the number one selling album of all time. Oh, shamone...wait a  daggone minute...

IT STILL IS! (Take that, Justin Bieber!)

Have a great Monday, everyone!