My Friday Confessions February 11

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Time for the weekly Friday purge.

[Beware the wanton F-Bomb. Just sayin.]

I confess...I like paper clips. Multi-colored ones. Shiny metallic ones. Funky patterned ones. I think I have a sort of OPCD (Obsessive Paper Clip Disorder). Picking out paper clips at the local O-Max is like a kid-in-the-candy-store-moment for me. [I'm not weird. Really.] I mean, sure, they're great for the office, but they are such mutli-functional little buggers. If you think about it, as long as you have paper clips,  (OK, and duct tape) , you can do almost anything. Seriously.  It's like the only tool you almost ever need. Just ask MacGyver.

MacGyver Stuff

I confess...I only shave my legs once a week in the winter. Besides the fact that My Razor is Evil, I just plain hate shaving. And what's the point? My legs are  completely covered 99.9% of every single winter's day. And really, it's not like I'm turning into Mrs. Sasquatch or something. So what's the big deal? The way I look at it, unless I'm grating the Hubs' skin raw when we're in the midst of spousal spooning at night, a little bit of leg hair is far from being the female hygiene crime of the century.

And I just want to add here that as I was looking for some funny or clever little image to put here, using "no shaving" as my Google search query, some of the results I got were quite...disturbing. Let's just say that I finally had a good enough reason to utter the words, "my eyes!" Yuck. Ew. And yuck some more. And I know there is some small part of you that is wanting to Google that right this very minute to see what all my fuss is about. I'd advise against it...unless you are really ready for the knowledge that there's  a website dedicated to "furry male scrotums." Ahem.

I confess...that funny photos that include the "F Word" really  make me laugh. I don't use the F Word. Much. But man, when it's part of a photo, for some reason it just cracks me up.  Might be the word iteslf. Maybe it's just a well-placed middle digit. But either way, I have some of my best LMAO moments from this kind of humor. Admit's funny.

Big Cup of STFU Meme

Daffy Duck Fuck Off Meme

Twitter Fuck You Meme

(I can hear you laughing.)

I confess...I don't read the newspaper or watch the news. Some people think this makes me a bad American. Some people think this means I'm stupid (but  I'm a  Summa Cum Laude, 4.0 college graduate, baby). And some people think they're better than me because of it. But guess what?

Michael Jackson Don't Give a F Meme