Goin to Wal Mart, Grab the Leash for Jr.

I know you're all excited for WTF Wednesday...or maybe even (Semi) Wordless Wednesday. In either case, I got you, bro. [Did I just say "bro?" I'm watching too much Jersey Shore.]

People of Wal Mart Kid on a Leash

I never really grasped the concept of the put-your-kid-on-a-leash mentality, but even if I did, the crawling on all fours in Wal Mart is just a bit much. But his mom sure seems to be enjoying it. One has to wonder if she'll enjoy it as much when the kid cuts his hand on something on that germ-covered floor, and then mom has to kiss the boo-boo on his germ-covered hand, resulting in the whole family coming down with a stomach virus (or worse), all because that kid is wearing a leash. Smart thinking. ;)