Beef Enchilada Mac n Cheese

Dude! (Sometimes I just like saying, Dude!) It's Tuesday. And it's come to my attention that it's been quite a long while since I've done a Tasty Tuesday post. How dreadful of me! Really, quite shameful. But there, there now, don't cry about it.

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I do have a new recipe. A pasta recipe, in fact. And I could give you the recipe. I mean, if you really want it. But you have to really want it. So do you? Want it?

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Well, OK. Since you're about it. I'll tell you. But first let me say that the original recipe came from Shugary Sweets blog, which I found on Pinterest. I tweaked the recipe just a wee bit, as I am wont to do. And this recipe is called Beef Enchilada Mac N Cheese. So here are the deets. 

  • 1 Lb box of your favorite cooked Pasta (I used bowtie pasta. I'm just cool like that.)
  • 1 Lb of Ground Turkey (I seldom use ground beef anymore.)
  • 2 Cups Heavy Cream (The heavier, the better, I always say. It's only calories.)
  • 2 Cups Cheddar Jack Cheese (You can use Colby Jack. Or Cheddar. Or whatevs.)
  • 1-10oz Can Enchilada Sauce (the red stuff)
  • 2 TSP Minced Garlic (kissing is optional after you eat this)
  • 1 Small Diced Onion (see above)
  • 1 TSP Ground Cumin (I have nothing witty to parenthesize here)
  • Kosher Salt & Pepper, to taste (Kosher Salt is the bomb!)

1. In a very large pan, like, really large--large enough to hold all the ingredients when it's all done, brown your ground turkey.
2. As the meat is browning, add in your onion and garlic.
3. Once the meat, onions, and garlic are done, add in your heavy cream, enchilada sauce, cumin, salt & pepper. Heat just until it starts to bubble.
4. Reduce heat to medium and add in the cheese, stirring until it's melted and smooth.
5. Toss in your cooked pasta (OK, maybe "toss" is the wrong word, as that may get messy--just use your best judgment) and stir to combine.
6. Then serve it up in a bowl so that it looks a little bit like this:

Beef Enchilada Mac n Cheese Recipe

Please trust me when I say that this is good. Really good. Like, DELICIOUS! And trust me again: it's a real man-pleaser. Just in case you were wondering.

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You might want to make this as a side dish. You definitely could. But I'm a pasta girl, and when I make pasta, I want it to be the whole meal! And this is soooo worth the whole meal.

Dude! (Sometimes I just like repeating words I've used before in a post!) What are you waiting for? Go and make this.