The 80's Called

I saw a video on YouTube today and what I can say, I loved it. Even though it's just a commercial. A Radio Shack commercial, in fact. And while I'm not really one to promote commercials, when it's all about The 80's I just have to share it. 

Dude, I. Have. To.

Duckie Pretty in Pink reaction gif

So let's all jump in our DeLorean, shall we, and travel back in time to the glorious 80's. For approximately 1 minute and 1 second anyway. To the land of legwarmers, and big hair, and dancing raisins, and even Alf.

See? How much more awesomely 80's can you get on a Thursday, I ask you?! Now admit it. You enjoyed that jaunt through your Ponch-sized past, Right? And it kind of made you want to get up dance. Just a little bit.

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I don't think it's necessarily going to help the store chain that much, considering they're closing so many of their stores around the country. But at least they have good taste. I'll give them that much. 

And now I return you back to the future...of the present, so that you can enjoy the rest of your day. Any questions?

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