I Blame the Y Chromosome

Why oh why is it that men don't seem to be able to find anything in the house without help? They'll look for something and look for something, but it's amazingly never to be found. That is, of course, until the woman of the house walks right in and finds it.

I can recall numerous instances of the Hubs and Me involved in this exact type of scenario. He asks me where something is, I tell him where it is, he "looks" for a bit, but he never seems to be able to find it. Then I'll walk right in and find whatever it is in no time. This happens at home on a semi-regular basis, but it also happens when we're at a store looking for something.

Man Can't Find It Meme

I used to think it was just the Hubs--but then I saw other men do it too. Like, a LOT. And one time when my grandson was at the store with us, he couldn't find something that was right in front of him--and the Hubs couldn't find it either.

That's pretty much when I figured it out: It's a man thing. Yep. Absolutely a problem affixed to the male of our species. And I totally blame the Y Chromosome. Clearly it messes up their radar. Or their vision. Or both.

Just the other night the Hubs couldn't find a certain pair of shorts he has. I asked him why he wasn't wearing them and he said he "couldn't find them." It went kind of like this...

Me: Did you look for them? I mean, really LOOK?
Hubs: Yes, I looked. Where could they be?
Me: They can only be in your dresser or on the shelf in your closet--it's one or the other.
Hubs: I looked both of those places.
Me: So what do I get when I walk in there and find them?
Hubs: *shrugs*
Me: *walks to bedroom, checks closet, no shorts. Looks on shelf in closet--bingo, there they are.*
Me: Found 'em.
Hubs: Where were they?!
Me: Right on top of the shelf in your closet, plain as day.
Hubs: I looked there.
Me: Obviously.

And all of this really has me wondering too, could it be the Y Chromosome that also makes men unable to ask for directions when they're lost? Perhaps it's also the reason that men don't seem to notice when the toilet paper roll needs to be changed--or why they can walk past a sink full of dirty dishes or a pile of dirty clothes, seemingly oblivious to the vast amount of household real estate they occupy, even when they are directly in front of it? 

Hmmm. A lot of men can't seem to find a woman's G-Spot either. Coincidence?

I Think Not Reaction Gif

Yeah, until proven otherwise, I blame the Y Chromosome.