One of Those WTH Moments at Dinner

The Hubs and I were out for dinner at a local eatery this evening, which is our usual Friday night routine. Our server was working in slow motion, at least from my perspective, and she was obviously not into her job. But she was pleasant enough...even when I had to ask for blue cheese dressing for my Buffalo Chicken Sandwich...for the third time. But I had to laugh at the moment she brought us our salads and asked:

"Would you like some silverware?"

My husband and I stared blankly at each other and then glanced down at the table, sans silverware, and simply replied, "Uh, yeah."

Naturally, the evil voice in my head was saying, "No, no silverware, I think I'll just stick my face in the bowl and suck up as much lettuce and tomatoes as I possibly can, and just hope that I don't inhale a crouton in the process. Yes, I want some bleeping silverware...twit!"