Friday Flip Offs 10/29

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Well, it's been awhile since I've felt the need to visit the Friday Flip Offs feature, and since I'm well-armed with some random rants for this Friday, off we go...

To the local pizza joint: FLIP OFF! Being that it was Trick-or-Treat night in our town tonight, I decided to order out so the Hubs and I would have time to visit the grandkids to steal some candy and see them in their costumes. Seeing that I am fully aware that many other folks in our town order out on TOT night too, I decided to call in the order quite early, around 4:25pm. My thinking was that the food would get here around 5-5:15pm, which would be perfect. So, fast forward to 5:52pm, and guess what? Still. No. Food!

So I called to check on the ETA of our long overdue meal, only to get told first that they had no record of my order; and second,  after they found my order, that they got "slammed" and a couple drivers didn't show up and blah, blah, blah. That's all fine and dandy, I told the guy, but then I gave him the what-for. Cuz, you know, that's just what I do.

"I'm not trying to be a bitch or anything," (well, OK, maybe I was) but if you were aware when my order was placed that delivery was going to take over an hour and a half, then you should at least have the balls courtesy to inform me of this fact. Making starving people wait over an hour and a half for food just isn't cool. I mean, I like your food, (but I don't like it that much, dude), but that's just not good business, if you ask me. And you might want to pass that little tidbit onto your manager as well for all the good it will do since he gets my money even if my food is late and cold."

And all I got from that well-articulated but disgruntled customer review was an apology for the delay. I mean, seriously, what good is an apology? Our food arrived as I was hanging up the phone with that pizza joint gumba and it was barely lukewarm. Where's the freaking discount for slow service and cold food? Where's the coupon for at least $5 off a future order? Where is the justice?!

So yeah, FLIP OFF, pizza joint.

To Political Commercials: FLIP OFF! Does anyone actually watch this crapola at election time? Nothing like twisted spin and mud-slinging in between episodes of The Real Housewives to make for a fabulous night of television. One has to wonder how much money gets spent on those commercials too. Seems to me they could better use that money on, I dunno, cleaning up the environment, or hey, how about a cure for cancer? Now THAT would win some elections.

To Google Reader: FLIP OFF! I check my GR about twice per week. And since I subscribe to a lot of feeds, there are usually over 100 posts to read each time I check in. But for some reason, when I checked in today, there were 498 unread posts. WTH? Now either my favorite bloggers have been incredibly inspired and gone psycho-prolific with their blogging habits (which would make me feel even less of a true blogger than I already do), or something was seriously stanky in state of Denmark.

So I'm going through all the posts, alternately reading and skimming to get myself caught up, and I wasn't finding anything amiss. Until I got to the  very bottom of the list. And what do I find? A new feed subscription News.

Now I don't want to send a shock to anyone's delicate sensibilities with regard to the world and world events, but um, I do not watch the news, Discovery brand or otherwise. And I sure as hell wouldn't subscribe to the blog feed for  Discovery News.  So I don't know how on earth I got subscribed to that feed in Google Reader. Is Google trying to tell me something? Or maybe this is just a random glitch that is also a colossally funny joke, considering my blog-reading profile.  Who knows. But Flip Off anyway, Google. Keep your nefarious news-feed subscriptions to yourself!

Enjoy your Friday, gang.