Dining with Farm Animals

You really have to wonder about people these days. Particularly, people who eat in restaurants who also act as if they were raised in a barn. No manners. No common sense. No self-awareness.

Take last night for example. The Hubs and I were out to eat at Applebee's. Not  exactly my favorite place to eat, but since our choices are rather limited in this town, it'll do when everything else just screams suck-ville to me.

Anyhoots, I ordered a margarita. Whoa, hold the liquor-filled phone just one minute! Did I just say I ordered a margarita?! Why, yes, yes I did. Those who know me know that I am not really a big drinker. I mean sure, I spent a brief period in my 20's enjoying the benefits of being "legal," partying with friends on the weekend, and throwing back one too many rum and Cokes on occasion. Who didn't?!

But that is ancient history. I'm just not overly fond of the effects of alcohol, so I seldom drink. And when I do, I just don't drink much. But yeah, Applebee's was having a special on margaritas. And since I had never tried one, I thought that at 44.9 years it was high time I did. It was quite tasty too.

So I was sipping away on my sale-priced libation and enjoying my over-priced Cajun Shrimp Pasta while the Hubs ate his steak, when I noticed him stop mid-chew and stare intently and quizzically at a restaurant patron seated at the table diagonally behind us. Now of course, I couldn't see the person that had so captured the Hubs' attention. So my first thought was, she must be hot. But I was so wrong. So very, very wrong.

I asked the Hubs what he was staring at, and I was ill-prepared for his reply.

"That guy over there," he said matter-of-factly, "is clipping his fingernails...at the table."

"Um, excuse me?," was my puzzled reply. Surely I must have misheard him. Nobody clips their fingernails at the table...in a restaurant, right?  Au contraire, mon frere (I was French in another life, btw). Apparently, some people in fact DO clip their fingers at the table...in a restaurant.

I mean, really?

I mean Really Reaction Gif

WTH?! As if.

I mean, just when you think people can't be anymore gross. You pop into Applebee's for an innocent meal and a watered-down (but tasty) margarita, and you end up checking your pasta for stray fingernails.

Seriously Meme

You know, they call it personal hygiene for a reason.